Beer Cake

$80.00 USD

Finding a gift for a baby shower can be a challenge for those who want to give something special that will be remembered. A diaper cake is a festive (and useful) way to turn a parents everyday necessity into something magical that you can be sure won't end up collecting dust in a drawer.

Lola’s Diaper Cakes are handmade with baby in mind, complete with all reusable materials. Diaper cakes are a fashionable statement piece to any baby shower, gender reveal or nursery, and are practical for helping your new parents care for their newborn. Designed to replicate the ceremonial feel of a traditional wedding cake. Have a special theme in mind?

Let Lolita know! Each Diaper Cake is custom made, upon request and theme oriented. Know that your Diaper Cake will be one of a kind! Want more, each Diaper Cake is stuffed with magical goodies inside for a secret surprise for the parents to be! In addition, each Diaper Cake includes the baby's first outfit + pair of shoes. Order yours today!